Toxy is a very useful character that needs high evasion and hit speed items. By maxing her third passive skill, you will get a bonus 12% hit speed and 12% evasion, at the cost of -4% attack power. The advantages far outweigh the risks however. One should also think about maximizing her first passive skill, which increases skill power. It also adds a chance of inflicting the enemy with poison, which betters her first active skill. Her third active skill is much more effective than the first, so you should increase the points put into there too. many people like increasing Toxy's aura, which increases everyones skill power by 10% when maxed. Toxy is not a tanking character, and therefore does not need any defending items. You should focus on skill power, attack, and mp. Her skills suck up tons of mp, so it doesnt hurt to have extra.

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